Delorese’s 8th Marathon!

Guess what?! This Sunday Delorese, our OHANA MAMA EXTRAORDINAIRE, will be completing her 8th marathon to raise funds for scholarships for teens to attend Winners’ Camp. Wowzeenies! How inspiring!!! You can support her on this epic event by donating to Winners’ Camp Foundation. A dollar a mile? Ten dollars a mile? A hundred dollars a[…]

Mahalo to our Amazing Volunteers

Last weekend the awesome military volunteers from HQ Top III worked alongside the Winners’ Camp Ohana to give the camp site some much-needed aloha before our Fall Break programs begin.   Mahalo to Kurt Cottrell for trimming all of the hedges and sculpting our “Christmas Tree”, Mahalo Jayson for setting up the music,  Mahalo to[…]

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Through the Hoop with Brittany Hofreiter

Hoop Dance Instructor and Motivational Speaker Brittany Hofreiter was a hit with our Spring Break campers. Her message had an enormous impact on our wahines’ self-image and personal power. Hoop dancing is a style of artistic movement using one or more hoops.  It combines technical moves with freestyle dancing, usually performed with music.  Instead of[…]

The Best Place for Teens on the Whole Entire Planet

Spend a half minute with us at Winners’ Camp to get a sense of what we do at Winners’ Camp & Hawaii Leadership Academy. We pack over 80 hours of instruction and supervised activities into their week and they make friendships that last a lifetime. It’s the best place for a teenager on the whole[…]