May 14, 2016


winners campHow long has Winners’ Camp been around?
Winners’ Camp Foundation was founded in 1985 by Delorese Malulani Gregoire and a team of committed graduates of Marshall Thurber’s “Business and You” Lifeskills Courses. Key players were Vic Quiton, Guy Tucker, Dr.Trinidad Hunt, Michael Wall, Dr.Stephanie Burns, Mick Quenzer, Pam Chambers and Anthony Robbins.
In the year 2000 we were blessed with a license to use Kamehame Ridge Site from the Kamehameha Schools Princess Pauahi Bishop Estate. We named the Site: Hawai’i Leadership Academy and we produce programs for Academic Institutions and Educational Foundations.

Where are you located?
The camp site is at the top of Kamehame Ridge in Hawaii Kai on the island of Oahu.

Are you a non-profit?
Yes, we are a 501(c)3 non-profit educational foundation.

What is the capacity?
Programs usually are attended by 40-60 teens and 20 leaders.

alumniWho attends Winners’ Camp?
Tweens and teens from age 12-15 attend Hawaii Leadership Academy. Neighbor Island, Mainland and International campers attend our programs.

Is this a co-ed camp?
Yes, there are usually equal numbers of male and female campers. The boys dormitory is a separate building from the girls dormitory, and leaders are present in each building to supervise.

What if my teen says ‘no’?
A lot of teens are apprehensive and shy about unfamiliar experiences and places. For many of our teens, Winners’ Camp may be the first time they have ever gone away from home for more than one night. We go the extra EXTRA mile to make every camper feel welcome and part of the Ohana as soon as they arrive. If you are a parent of a resistant teen, ask him or her to just give us a chance: we are absolutely confident in our abilities to get even the most reluctant teens to feel comfortable and have fun! Many of the teens who arrive at their first camp with their arms crossed and scowls on their faces undergo such a radical transformation at camp, they end up being future leaders! Hard to believe, but true!

How can I be sure my teen will get his/her medications while he/she is at camp?
We have a designated wellness person for every camp, who is in charge of all medications for campers as well as first aid.

Is this a religious camp?
No, we are a non-sectarian camp.

kitchenWhat kind of meals do you serve at camp?
All meals are served ‘cafeteria style’ and we offer vegetarian and vegan options.

Sample Breakfasts:

  • Cereal & Yogurt, Fresh fruit, Bagels w/ Cream Cheese
  • Pancakes & Sausages, Fresh fruit

Sample Lunches:

  • Tuna/Cold Cuts/PB&J Sandwiches, Carrots and Chips
  • Pizza and Salad
  • Chicken nuggets, potato salad, carrots w/ dip

Sample Dinners:

  • Pasta & Meatballs with salad and garlic bread
  • Beef Stew with rice, salad, and soft rolls
  • Kalua pork & cabbage, rice/poi and salad

Sample Snacks:

  • Fresh fruit, li hing mui apples, cookies, goldfish crackers, etc