Happy Campers of 2018

Here are the faces of some of the many teens and adults that experienced WinnersCamp in 2018.   We are looking forward to an exciting 2019!

Spring Break 2018
Jammin' July 2018
Jammin’ July 2018
Pacific and Asian Affairs Council 2018
McKinley Academy of Finance and Academy of Hospitality and Tourism 2018
Service Systems Associates 2018
(Intercultural Exchange Students attending Winners’ Camp)
School for Examining Essential Questions of Sustainability (SEEQS) 2018
Additionally, Winners’ Camp provided a program for DRAC (Dormitory Resident Advisors Council) with Kamehameha Schools.  We didn’t get a photo of that group so here’s a fantastic photo of our Winner’ Camp Leaders!

Throughout 2018, Winners’ Camp Leaders served their Community at events including the Elks Mothers Day Celebration,  the Honolulu Little League Celebration, Elks Flag Day Event, Elks Easter Event, Halloween Keiki Party, Elks Keiki Christmas Party and the Christmas Holly Trolley.  They also participated in the Charity Walk, the Ka’iwi Coast Walk, and the Honolulu Marathon.   Quarterly Military Campus Cleanups were a fantastic time for the graduates to get together to donate time and energy to keeping the campus in excellence!

A million mahalos to everyone who has supported Winners’ Camp: your giving makes a difference!