May 13, 2016


Winners’ Camp Media Coverage:

October 2014 – Hana Hou: The Magazine of Hawaiian Airlines, “The Ones Who Stayed”. Profile on Delorese Gregoire.
March 2012 – East Oahu Sun “Winners’ Camp and the Five W’s”
July 2011 – Hawaii Reporter “Leadership Camp Helping Hawaii’s Kids Bring Out the Winner in Them”
July 2010 – Midweek profiles Delorese Gregoire in “Old Friends”
June 2009 – East Oahu Sun “Winners’ Camp wins big with $10,000 donation”
June 2009 – Hawaii Reporter “What Do Our Kids – Especially Our Teenagers – Really Want from Us?
February 2009 – Honolulu Advertiser “Non-profit Winners’ Camp Creates Teen Leaders”
December 2008 – Hawaii Reporter “Winners’ Camp Founder Finds Creative Ways to Raise Cash for Scholarships”
August 2008 – Midweek “‘Leadership’ Joins Winners Camp”
July 2008 – Honolulu Star Bulletin “Growing Leaders”
July 2008 – The Garden Island “Winners’ Camp Transforms Teens”
July 2007 – East Oahu Sun “Taking the Challenge”
March 2006 – Small Business Hawaii “She’s a Winner!”
February 2006 – Hawaii Reporter “She’s a Winner”
December 2005 – Midweek “Teaching Teens To Be Winners”
February 2002 – Hawaii Reporter “Winners’ Camp Founder is Big Winner Herself”
July 2001 – Small Business News “Building Dreams As Only Winners Can”
February 2001 – Honolulu Star-Bulletin “Winners’ Camp Brings Lasting Change to Many”
February 2001 – Honolulu Star-Bulletin “Winning Manor”