Somebody Give This Wahine a Cape ‘Cause She’s Super!!!

delorese and jason

Jason of Leahi Health congratulates Delorese after the 2017 Honolulu Marathon.

Winners’ Camp Ohana Mama is going for it again with her 9th Marathon to raise scholarships for tweens and teens to attend Winners’ Camp.

This is an opportunity for you to make your end-of-year tax-deductible donation to Hawai’i’s youth. They need us now more than ever. They are the future and YOU can make a positive, sustainable difference in their lives.

If you live on the MARATHON Route this Ohana Mama would be sooooo appreciative of your wogging with me for short spurts! A hui hou, REMEMBER every step I take raises Scholarships for Teens in Need!

Donate here:

$1 per mile = $26.00
$5 per mile= $130.00
$10 per mile = $260.00
$100 per mile = $2600.00
When you give $10 per mile or more I will personally come by to pick up the donation check and give you a hug!

You can mail a check to:
Winners’ Camp Foundation
PO Box 241018
Honolulu, Hawaii, 96824